QBC-X1 Charger

Programming unit and charger in one

New charging and battery technology delivers rapid charging and the option to activate additional sensor functions.

QBC-X1 is a configuration and test unit compatible with all Scanmar sensors, except the TrawlEye, and has several useful features.

  • Configuration of power level and transmission frequency (FID)
  • Choice of rapid or normal refresh rate (telegrams)
  • Checking operation time and battery capacity on the display
  • Battery calibration facility to achieve maximum operating time
  • Charges all Scanmar sensor batteries except the Trawl Eye battery

Mounting kit for SS4 DoorSensor

Surface treated stainless steel to prevent corrosion

There are two types of mounting kit for Door Sensors: one for the traditional HC4 Distance Sensors and one for the new SS4 Door Sensors. The holders are solidly constructed of stainless steel, which is surface-treated to prevent corrosion.


Provides unrivaled reception from sensors

Specifically designed for trawler / purse seine use

Available with or without temperature sensors

Scanmar’s trawl hydrophones are developed in close cooperation with more than a thousand of fishing vessels, and are specifically designed for trawler applications.
The narrow vertical beam greatly improves the immunity to propeller noise, while the wide horizon-tal coverage simplifies operation.
A good hydrophone positioning is a key to a stable signal transfer between the sensor and the receiver; and there are several options here depending on the type of the vessel and purse seining. In general, a compromise is found between clear line of sight to the sensors, propeller noise, interference from other equipment and air bubbles under the hull.
For keeled vessels operating under difficult condi-tions, hydrophones can be mounted on the keel or in trunks specially produced for Scanmar.
In recent years it has become more common to install two sets of hydrophones (4 hydrophones in total- 2 in front and two back) on new vessels for full coverage. This is in order to optimize the signal reception in difficult cargo and/or catch conditions.

Under certain conditions, the temperature at the surface provides a good indication of the temperature profiles further down in the sea. By logging over time, this can give good estimates of the possible presence of fish.

ScanSafe mounting kit

Ultra durable rubber bands, carabiners and safety cables

The mounting of Catch, Depth, Rip, TrawlEye and TrawlSounder Sensors is done with specially made, ultra durable rubber bands, carabiners and safety cables. Flow, BottomContact and Grid Sensors are fixed with their own mounting kits. ScanSafe is a mounting kit for the SS4 Catch and Depth Sensor and can be purchased as an optional extra.