18 Sep 2018

Scanmar introduces next generation bridge system

Åsgårdstrand, Norway – 09.18.18   Scanmar AS, the world leader in catch control systems, today announces the official release of the new ScanBas 365. Throughout the history of Scanmar, we have always worked closely with the most experienced fishermen and most accomplished research institutes in the world. Through our close relationships with the most knowledgeable players in the field, we learn what problems they encounter, and aim to create products that best help resolve them.

Scanmar North Sea Conference

Scanmar is organising a trawling conference in cooperation with Hampidjan and Thyborøn at the North Sea Center in Hirtshals from November 29th to December 1st. The conference will involve everything from presentations of technical innovations, to practical testing of fishing gear in the flume tank.  Guests will also have the opportunity to play an active part in testing, including special requests and input. Schedule   November 28th: Participants gather in Hirtshals, Denmark. We recommend that participants

Distant waters success with Scanmar

      105m Russian trawler making ‘significant improvement’ in trawling efficiency with Scanbas system from Scanmar While much of the news in recent times has focused on the latest in trawl technology from Scanmar – high-spec upgrades of various sensors and systems – the reliability of Scanmar’s existing products, operated in combination with newer versions, in fleets across the world shows what a difference that a company’s dedication to R&D in producing quality technology

Testing the new ScanBas 365 system

Iván Soage blanco, the skipper from Monte Meixueiro vessel, is one of the first skippers who is testing the new ScanBas 365 system. He gave the following feedback: We are working with Scanmar's new system and for the moment we are fully satisfied with it. It is more explicit and with a brief look you get an idea of how everything goes down there – nets and doors-. It is very interesting the visualization of the

Scanmar trials show promising results on Spanish trawler

In spring of 2016, the Spanish trawler Rio Caxil began trials on a package of Scanmar technology and the results have been impressive Built in Nodosa, Marin in Spain in 2004, the 50.5m Rio Caxil is an impressive looking fishing vessel similar to the typical and very popular ‘Grand Sol’ design with a forward wheelhouse and long working deck leading back to a stern ramp for hauling the bag on board. A freezer stern trawler

ScanBas 365 Upgrade

To perform upgrade, you must have a functioning ScanBas/SRU, PC and software. SRU must be upgraded to the latest Software (V.8.x.x) using standard upgrading procedures. The network settings in the SRU, accessed clicking the wrench icon, must be set to ”Master” and set with an IP of FTP box can remain empty, or insert ip Connect SRU to the PC with a regular Network Cable. Make sure the USB dongle is connected to

Twin-rig success for Eben Haezer

Converted Dutch beam trawler hitting top catches with Scanmar door sensors For many of the whitefish fleet working out of Urk in Holland, flatfish, and plaice in particular is the staple diet and target species and therefore, it is vital to have the gear fishing tight to the seabed – often achieved with specialised trawls, doors and sensor systems. Built in 1982 as the 40m beamer / herring trawler Branding III (TX-38), the now re-christened

Picking the best

Scotland’s biggest fishing company relies on Scanmar equipment for successful operations The northern North Sea fishing grounds are recognised as some of the finest fish producing grounds in Europe and are therefore popular with fishing vessel owners over a wide geographical area. But few fishing companies can claim to have greater investment in the pelagic and demersal fisheries of these grounds than the Lunar Fishing Company in Peterhead, Scotland, who, as well as owning a